Preschool II

(4 to 5 years of age)

The kindergarten prep department exists to prepare children to better succeed in the kindergarten classroom. At this age, pre-kindergarteners are beginning to experience a more formal learning environment. They learn to cooperate, wait their turn, share their toys and ideas with others, and seek each other’s approval. Pre-kindergarteners’ interests in numerous activities, ideas, and experiences grow by leaps and bounds and we become excited to see them graduate.

Parents of Cheerful Cheetahs’ are asked to provide the following:

~ A change of clothes, one pair of socks, and 2 pairs of underwear to be either brought daily or left at the Center in your child’s locker. (If your child soils any clothing, the Center will bag the item and send it home with you upon picking up your child. We will not rinse any item that is soiled.)

~ Blanket (No pillows or other sleeping items are allowed without a physician’s written explanation. No afghans or knit blankets.) Blankets must be child-sized. Blankets used by your child will be sent home every Friday to be washed and returned the following Monday. (If your child does not attend the Center on Fridays, his/her blanket will be sent home on the last day he/she is in attendance for the week and should be returned the next day he/she is in attendance. The same applies to holidays.) Blankets may be sent home more often if soiled.

~ Sunscreen, if applicable (Please see and complete General Permission Form.)

The Center provides the following:

~ Cots and cot sheets

~ Serving utensils and dishes (spoons, bowls, etc.)

~ Perishable food/milk will meet the following requirements after arriving at our Center:

1) Be refrigerated until use. (Non-perishable foods will be stored appropriately.)
2) Be used within 24 hours.
3) Be discarded at the end of a feeding or within one hour of beginning a feeding.

Things to Remember:

Website: You can view the Cheerful Cheetahs’ Habitat Curriculum, E-mail & News here. Visit these pages to view alerts, reminders, or view pictures and videos of your child at play! The Pictures and Videos section is password protected and only parents with enrolled children in your child’s habitat are given this password. Parents, please do not share this password with others in order to ensure the safety of all children.

Email: Because each Habitat is iPad equipped, your child’s lead educator can both send and receive emails. Be on the lookout for a welcome email from the Cheerful Cheetahs’ Habitat.