Discipline Rules for Educators

Educators shall use methods of discipline which encourage self-control, self-direction, self-esteem and cooperation.

Educators are prohibited from using the following means of punishment:

 ~Restricting a child’s movement by binding or tying

~Depriving a child of meals, rest, or necessary toilet use

~Hitting, shaking, biting, pinching, or inflicting any form of physical punishment

~Inflicting mental or emotional punishment, such as humiliating, shaming, or threatening

~Confining a child in an enclosed area, such as a closet, locked room, box, or similar containers


Our procedures regarding the discipline of children consists of the following:

1.  We first remind the child of our rules, explaining what he/she has done and kindly ask him/her to stop the negative behavior.  The child will then be redirected to positive behavior which may include direction to another activity.

2.  If the behavior continues and the child is not able to be redirected, we will have the older child sit in a “quiet area” secluded from other children for a varying amount of time depending on the age of the child.  The child should sit on his/her bottom. Smaller children, if they become a danger to another child (hitting, biting, etc.), may be placed in a high chair instead of a quiet area.

3.  If there is no change in the child’s behavior, the parent will be contacted and asked to pick up his/her child from the Center.  We ask that you deal with the situation immediately, so the inappropriate behavior will be eliminated.  The child will be allowed back to school the following day provided the parent signs a Behavior Acknowledgement and Correction Form stating he/she is aware of the problem and measures are being taken at home to prevent the re-occurrence of the negative behavior.  The written notice must include the parent’s signature.  We expect all parents to comply so that we do not need to send the child home.

**Please see Behavior Acknowledgement and Correction Form**

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