General Information

Our Center’s Goals

We are working on (NAEYC) accreditation at this time.

Our Center’s Atmosphere

We feel that your child’s experiences at our Center should be happy and rewarding ones.  We know that your child is a unique individual and should be treated as such.  We believe that equipment alone does not make a learning center and we therefore entrust our educators with creating a warm, loving, and teaching atmosphere for all children. Each habitat has its own daily schedule which is conducive to the ages of its children.

Parent Involvement

Parents are always welcome to join in our daily adventures. If your child is enrolled with us, you are permitted to visit unannounced, anytime during our business hours in order to visit with your child and take part in the daily activities. We also value parents’ opinions, but please remember that each Educator’s purpose is to teach and care for all children within their habitat. Should you have a question or concern, please address your child’s Educator via the following methods:

  •   Upon pick-up at the end of your child’s day
  •   Via the Habitat email
  •   By Center phone, if scheduled in advance

If your question or concern cannot be answered or rectified, feel free to schedule an appointment with the Center Director.

Parent/Educator conferences will be held during each school year.  Dates and times are updated yearly and you will be notified at least 6 weeks in advance.

Parent Suggestions

Maintaining a quality program requires constant re-evaluation, and the input we receive from parents is a valuable resource for us.  We invite you to use the Contact Us page at to give suggestions, voice general comments or concerns as well as inform us of things we do that exceed your expectations!


Little Jungle Learning Center provides a wide range of activities to enhance your child’s learning experience.  Our curriculum focus is developmental, social, physical and psychological in nature.  We believe that children have to learn basic skills in their infant and toddler years, and more structured skills as they develop through preschool years, pre-kindergarten and beyond.  Our Center’s goal is to create an environment that allows your child the ability to social play and structure play throughout the day.  We have several habitats that are divided by age and developmental scope.

The Learning Center

Early Beginnings (Ratio 1 educator to 4 children) – birth to aggressively walking

The Preschool

Preschool Prep (Ratio 1:4) – aggressively walking to 35 months of age

Preschool I (Ratio 1:10) – 3 years to 4 years of age

Preschool II (Ratio 1:12) – 4 years to 5 years of age

School Age (before and after school, as well as summer care) – up to 12 years of age

Our Jungle Community is comprised of the above classrooms that function together as a system, helping each grow and learn.

Program Services

We offer child care services from infancy to school age.  We are licensed to care for children two weeks of age to twelve years.  Our current program for infants to Preschool II is structured from September to June, ending with a Preschool II graduation for family and friends to attend. The same format of care is sustained during our summer program which continues with the weekly theme, but is geared toward summer fun activities. Our facility is fully equipped with all toys and educational materials that will be needed throughout your child’s day. We ask that, in order to allow arrival and pick-up times to run smoothly, please do not allow your child to bring any personal belongings not needed for daily care. Little Jungle Network cannot assume responsibility for lost or damage of any personal possessions children may bring to the school.

Children who have reached 33 months of age may be enrolled in a three year old classroom with written parental permission and director approval.  Tuition rates do not change until your child is three years old.

Children who are nearing 4 years of age may be enrolled in the four year old classroom with written parental permission and director approval.  Tuition rates do not change until your child is four years old.

All children who attend the Center for a full day are required to rest. If a child does not sleep during rest time he/she will be given quiet activities.

We employ many techniques to teach children and make learning fun, such as using water play to teach mathematics and science concepts or bicycle and tricycle use to teach balance and real world applications!  Theses are not only fun activities for children, but also teaching opportunities! We are constantly expanding our repertoire of information used to teach children and continually embrace new ideas that will help us develop children!

**Please see Early Preschool Enrollment Form**

Field Trip Procedures

It is our goal to utilize all resources in order to afford your child the best environment in which to develop.  In order to apply what we teach in the real world, we occasionally schedule field trips away from the Center.   If you choose to drive for a field trip, a Driver Verification Form must be completed.

**Please see Driver Verification Form**

Schedule of Operation

Little Jungle Network is open for business Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

We are closed for the following holiday observances:

Thanksgiving Day

Day after Thanksgiving

 Christmas Eve

 Christmas Day

 New Year’s Eve

 New Year’s Day

 Memorial Day

 Fourth of July

Labor Day

 Please note that if your child is scheduled for the day on which a holiday or snow day falls, you are still responsible for tuition payment. Snow days are limited, but do occur.  Please refer to major news stations on television for the Center’s closing.

The Magic of Play

Many parents are concerned with structured “habitat” time for their children.  While this is an important aspect of teaching children, we at Little Jungle Network also utilize the magic of play.  Play times create opportunities for your child to interact with other children and to learn the skills of conflict resolution, sharing, and social engagement.  We use a combination of “habitat” time and play time to develop the whole child.

Sometimes playing can get messy! We recommend all children wear comfortable clothes and shoes.  (In order to prevent accidents while playing, please dress children in either tennis shoes or sandals with a back strap. Rain boots and winter boots are not permitted to be worn in any of the Centers).  We also ask that if your child is potty trained and wearing underwear and wears a dress or skirt that they wear shorts or bloomers underneath.  Learning can be facilitated in more than one way and by more than one person. Parents and educators are partners in educating children and our programs are experience-oriented rather than result-oriented.

Enrollment Criteria

Little Jungle Network does not discriminate against ethnicity, sexual-orientation, race, age, religion, color, national origin or disability.  Little Jungle Network, LLC requires a $75 enrollment fee per child or a $100 enrollment fee per family (two or more children). Enrollment fee must be paid in full at time of enrollment and annually in September.  This fee is non-refundable and secures your child’s placement in his/her habitat.

The following forms must be completed prior your child’s first day of attendance:

• Enrollment Criteria Acknowledgement
• Tuition Agreement
• General Permission
• Child Information Record
• Health Appraisal
• Child Development and Care Application (DHS only)
• Referral Discount (if applicable)
• Immunization Waiver (if applicable)
• Early Preschool Enrollment (if applicable)

Financial Policy

We are a non-cash facility.  All tuition and fees must be made by check, money order, credit or debit card online via your online invoice (Make checks payable to Little Jungle Learning Center.  Please note your child’s name in the memo section.)  All tuition payments are due in advance.  Charges for the next week’s care are due either on Friday by 6:00 p.m. or on your child’s last day of attendance for that week. If tuition is not paid by Friday at 6:00 p.m., it will be considered late.  The late fee is $5.00 per day.  If tuition is not paid within one business week (5 days), your child will be dis-enrolled from the Center, but late fees will continue to accrue until your balance is paid in full.  Your balance must be paid in full (including applicable late fees and re-enrollment fee) before your child can return to the Center. We review our tuition rates annually. Additional fees may be requested from time to time enable your child to participate in special events, such as field trips.

Financial Policy (DHS only)

We accept payment from the State of Michigan Department of Human Services.  If you are eligible for child care assistance through DHS certain items must be completed before we accept your child to the Center.

  1. You must provide proof of eligibility from DHS
  2. Your proof of eligibility must include: a start date, number of hours for which you are approved and department maximum hourly rate
  3. You must complete Tuition Agreement which includes your child’s scheduled days/hours of attendance as well as your weekly co-pay

Once your co-pay is determined, all tuition payments are due in advance.  Charges for the next week’s care are due either on Friday by 6:00 p.m. or on your child’s last day of attendance for that week. If tuition is not paid by Friday at 6:00 p.m., it will be considered late.  The late fee is $5.00 per day.  If tuition is not paid within one business week (5 days), your child will be dis-enrolled from the Center, but late fees will continue to accrue until your balance is paid in full.  Your balance must be paid in full (including applicable late fees and enrollment fees) before your child can return to the Center.

If you choose to enroll your child and begin child care before you are approved by DHS, the normal tuition rates will apply until proof of eligibility is confirmed.  Once eligibility is confirmed your account will be credited the appropriate amount, if applicable.  No refunds will be given.

 **Please see Child Development and Care Application (DHS-4583)**

Discount Policy

Family discount–A weekly 5% discount will be applied to the oldest child’s tuition rate when two siblings are attending full time. For each additional child enrolled full time, the weekly discount will be increased by 5%, but is still only applied to the oldest child’s tuition rate.

Referral discount–If a client is referred by a current client, a $10 discount for 10 consecutive weeks will be applied to the weekly total tuition payment after both the referring client and referred client have been enrolled for one month.  Referral Discount Form must be completed.

**Please see Referral Discount Form**

Late Fees

We understand unforeseen issues do arise, so we therefore allow two “late departures” per student, per school year before you are charged a late fee.  The schedule of late fees are as follows:

  Full day attendance: Late fees begin to accrue at 6:01 p.m.

Withdrawal Criteria

If you choose to withdraw your child from our Center, you must provide a written two-week notice before withdrawing your child. Your account will still be charged for those two weeks and payment will be expected even if your child does not attend.

Arrival Criteria

Little Jungle Network, LLC requires students to be clocked in by 8:30 am. If an unforeseen circumstance does arise and a student cannot be in by 8:30 am, he/she may be dropped off no later than 12:30 pm. We will not accept students after 12:30 pm.

Dismissal Criteria

Little Jungle Network, LLC will only initiate a dismissal for the following reasons:

~ Ongoing delinquent tuition payments
~ If a child is a safety risk
~ If a child’s medical situation is beyond our educator’s capabilities or training

Confidentiality Policy

To protect the rights of your child and your family, children’s records are only available to the Center’s Directors, authorized educators, authorized employees of the State of Michigan Department of Human Services Bureau of Children and Adult Licensing, and the child’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s).

Confidential and sensitive information will only be shared with educators of Little Jungle Network who have a “need to know” in order to most appropriately and safely care for your child. Confidential and sensitive information about educators, other parents and/or children will not be shared with parents, as Little Jungle Network strives to protect everyone’s right of privacy. Confidential information includes, but is not limited to: names, addresses, phone numbers, disability information, and health related information of anyone associated with Little Jungle Network.

You may observe children at our Center who are disabled or who exhibit behavior that may appear inappropriate (i.e. biting, hitting, and spitting) and you may be curious or concerned about the other child. Our Confidentiality Policy protects every child’s privacy. Educators are strictly prohibited from discussing anything about another child with you.

Information concerning any child will not be released, whether written or orally, to any individual or agency without the approval of the parent, unless such disclosure is mandated by child care licensing rules, other statutes, or by a court of law.

Vacation Days

If your child is enrolled full-time, you will be allotted fourteen (14) vacation days per year (September through August). Vacation days may be taken in any increment. Please refer to the Tuition Agreement for further policies concerning vacation days. You may not change vacation days once submitted.  Allotted vacation days cannot be used for Center holidays. (For example, we are closed in observance of Thanksgiving.  You will be charged for this day if Thursday is one of  your child’s regularly scheduled days.)

**Please see Vacation Days Form**



Child Protection Law

The State of Michigan requires that all members of the child care community report any suspicions of child abuse or neglect.  All educators and directors at Little Jungle Network are mandated to file a report with Child Protective Services and the local police any time abuse or neglect is suspected as mandated by the Child Protection Law.


Anti-Bullying Policy

We are committed to providing an environment for children that is safe, welcoming and free from bullying.  Bullying is defined as the persistent behavior by any individual or group which intimidates/threatens or has a harmful or distressing impact on another individual or group). Bullying can be: Emotional, Physical, Racist, Verbal, Psychological, Sexual or Cyber. Bullying of any form is unacceptable at Little Jungle Network.  We know that normal disagreements between children are not considered bullying and we go to the greatest extent to resolve persistent issues between children.  However, if continuing disagreements turn into continual frustration for each child, the Center will meet with each child’s parents individually and make arrangements to best care for all children involved.

Potty Preference

We support the potty training process by becoming partners with you to help your child become potty trained. We believe potty training should be a positive experience that instills confidence in your child. We do utilize a reward system, but do not use candy or food to encourage your child to potty.  Potty training is developmentally based; our educators will observe your child and determine if he or she is ready to being potty training.  It is important that children who we AND you believe are ready to being potty training reach developmental marks before beginning potty training.

Staff Requirements

In compliance with licensing rule 400.5102, dictated by the State of Michigan Licensing Rules for Child Care Centers, Little Jungle Network has in place a written screening policy which includes, but is not limited to, subjecting employees to: criminal background checks, abuse and neglect checks, driving record checks, medical clearances (including TB tests), drug testings and reference checks. All educators must also yearly sign the Child Protection Law Acknowledgment and keep the following trainings current: 24 annual clock hours, adult/child/infant CPR, first aid, blood borne pathogen, safe sleep and shaken baby syndrome.

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